Born in Chicago in 1970. Son of Birthe Svensson and painter Robert Guinan. Attended the Near North Montessori School from preschool to eighth grade. Studied theatre and music at he Chicago Academy for the Arts. A year at Illinois State University, then another at Shimer College.

After various acting and piano stints, hired in 1991 by the Child's Play Touring Theatre as a musical director; worked sporadically with them over the years as a director, actor and teacher, locally and nationally.

Became involved with Chicago Access Television in 1992, creating the weekly sketch comedy program Possibly Blank. The ensuing work, Johanna (film, 1993), Candy Town (television episode, 1995), Something is Rotten (short, 1997), Alphabet Garden (experimental video, 1997), and Missing Children (short, 1998), incorporated original music into the narratives. The four-part mini-series Faces won Runner-Up in the "innovative" category of the 1996 Hometown Video Festival, and the featurette The Private Pennies of His Merry Dobbs won the award for that category in 1999.

In 1999, established Chicago Avenue Films with Joshua Eckhardt; wrote, directed and co-produced the feature Flipping the Whale in 2000. Whale won Best Picture at the Lake Arrowhead Film Festival in California, and Audience Favorite the Critical Mass Film Festival in New York, both in 2001. Lenny and Jessie, a five-minute short extracted from Whale, screened at the ZombieDance (Texas) and DaVinci (Oregon) Film Festivals. It was broadcast on the PBS program Image Union, and won Runner-Up in the "experimental" category on the Zoiefest Online Film Festival. Teplitz: The Tyranny of Paradox, the most recent Chicago Avenue Films production, has yet to be released.

Most recently, producing an original album, Lizard in the Wings, which is currently in post-production. An album of music from his movies and TV programs, Letters from Candy Town, has now been independently released.