Alphabet Garden

Forty-minute experimental video photographed by Joshua Eckhardt. Like Faces, Alphabet Garden's performances are improvised by the actors, with the exception of the musical numbers. Unlike Faces, which has a moody, gothic tone offset by the dark, minor key playing of the Chilingirian String Quartet, Alphabet Garden has a rapid, pop-art sense of presentation. Starring Sean Guinan, with Andy Gorecki, Gabrielle Weiss and Alex McCord.

"Watch the film and prepare to be pleasantly surprised. Assuming it must bear a 'P' word, Guinan's collage of techniques deserves "playful" first...A recurring song-and-dance man, along with deftly interwoven music, gives Alphabet Garden an aspect of an ultra-cool music video. There are tinges in its 40 minutes of vaudeville, of slapstick, of overheated domestic drama, of pop-culture parody, of elevated-platform agitprop and, of course, of much more."

-Steve Johnson, Chicago Tribune