the private pennies of his merry dobbs.

It is the turn of the century, and Dobbs, the filmmaker laureate of Banduba, might be merry, were there not a growing prophecy in the town that he will soon die. He is in love with Camilla, the trophy wife of his patron, mafia leader Doctor Jangle. Dobbs' films are successful and he is universally loved, but he allows his life to unravel as he openly pursues the girl of his dreams. Doctor Jangle's prize henchman is Razz, who accrues money, narcotics and his boss's faith with the ruthless skill of his assigned assasinations. When Dobbs' insubordination becomes known to Jangle, Razz is sent out to fulfill the prophecy. But is Dobbs really dead? Are the conditions of the universe changing, or are we watching one of his films? Furthermore, how is it that Kurt Cobain is able to release albums after his suicide?

A fifty-minute featurette written, directed, starring and with music composed by Sean Guinan; won best picture in the "innovative" category at the 1999 Hometown Video Festival. With Bradley Spear, Sarah Pace, Bethany Anderson and Mike Cooney.

"A highlight of Chicago public-access programming"
-Joe Donnelly, Swing Magazine

"An entertaining but baffling exploration of storytelling"
-Nicole Bernardi-Reis, Performink

"Sean Guinan is a refreshing exception...a young man of ambition with a teeming imagination...making a major contribution to what's cool"
-Michael Miner, Chicago Reader

- Trouble in the Happy Home
- The Incompetent Detective
- Shot to Death in the Street
- Young Shirley MacLaine
- Finally in the End