The Tyranny of Paradox

Troubled by dreams which seem to suggest the existence of alternate timelines in his life, Paxton Teplitz joins the ranks of the metaphysical scientists who call themselves "whalers". He embarks with them upon an expedition to the Ravenswood Ocean, the interdimensional street of dreams where memory collects and becomes tangible. Hoping to understand the parallel realities he has glimpses of, he talks to a knowledgable ghost there...one of the original whalers from 1928. But before long, their conversation is interrupted by the malignant demon Jeffrey, who flings Paxton into an inane reality of menial tasks to keep him from any enlightenment. Once there, Paxton has no memory of his life as a whaler...so when the whalers contact him by radio, he is unsure whether it is a noble destiny or madness calling out to him.

This prequel to Flipping the Whale is the second feature from Chicago Avenue Films, co-produced with Joshua Eckhardt, who created the visual effects. It is as of yet unreleased. Written and directed by Sean Guinan. Starring David Bendena, with Arielle Williams, Jim Staples, Dan Wolfe, Frank Platis, Shannon Taylor and Giana Civito.